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Spectra Shield Dog Flea and Tick Collar

Spectra Shield Dog Flea and Tick Collar
Spectra Shield Flea and Tick Collar - Sale Price - $14.99 each - Hang on the dogs collar - 3 sizes available - Select Size Wanted - Discount for 4 or more - Lasts 4 months
Item #: XTT9905
Our price: $14.99
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Spectra Shield(Durvet) is a popular Medallion-shaped flea and tick tag for dogs 6 months of age and older, in 3 sizes(Small 14-29lbs, Medium 30-55lbs and Large for dogs over 56lbs.) based on your dogs weight.

This collar contains 10% Zetacypermethrin and 20% Piperonyl Butoxide, which kills adult fleas and all blood-feeding stages of ticks.

Can be worn during swimming and bathing. For Dogs Only.


Step 1 - Open clasp and slide around the D-ring on the dog's collar.Step 2: Close clasp halves and press together until it clicks into place. Step 3: When properly closed, both halves will line up evenly. The medallion must swing feeely from the D-ring.

Order 4 or more at $14.24 each, includes Free shipping on Non-Vaccine orders that total $70 or more

  • Select size wanted based on the body weight of your dog - no expiration date

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