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Heartworm Anitgen Test Kit -Canine and Feline

Heartworm Anitgen Test Kit -Canine and Feline
Heartworm Antigen Test Kit for Canine and Feline by Zoetis -Sale Price 59.99/10 test kit and $113.99/25 test kit - Select Size Wanted
Item #: ZZT2977
Our price: $59.99
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Heartworm Antigen Test Kits(2 sizes - Select kit size wanted)Same kit can be used for both Dogs and Cats -  Witness by Zoetis. Requires a small 0.05 ml sample of whole blood, follow directions in each kit to perform tests, same kit as used by your DVM.

No Refrigeration need for this kit, it has a 12 month shelf life at room temperature.

  • 10 test kit or 25 test kit, expiration date is June, 2020

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