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Diagnostic Canine Parvo 10 Test Kit

Diagnostic Canine Parvo 10 Test  Kit
Canine Parvovirus Test Kit, Sale Price 189.00/10 test kit
Item #: XXT0191
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VetScan Canine Rapid Parvovirus SimpleTest Kit (Abaxis) based on rapid immunomigation technology, which detects the presence of canine parvovirus antogen in the canine feces. When the test is done results  are captued on senstive reaction  zone where it shows a pink/purple band  in the control window that ensues that the test was performed correctly. Each kit comes with detail instructions and all materials needed to test 10 dogs

This is the same kit that your local DVM uses.

This test kit is non-returnable and non-refundable.


  • 10 test kit, expiration date is 12-15-2020

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