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Himalayan Dog Chews - Medium for Dogs under 35lbs

Himalayan Dog Chews - Medium for Dogs under 35lbs
Himalayan Medium Size Dog Chews - Sale Price 7.45/2.5 ounce chew
Item #: him002
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Three  sizes are of Himalayan Dog Chews are offered:
Small - best for dogs under 15lbs, Item him001
Medium - best for dogs under 35lbs, Item him002
Large - best for dogs under 55lbs, Item  him003 

Himalayan Dog Chews are 100% natural with no preservatives or additives, Gluten-Free and Grain Free. The Chew is an authentic type of cheese eaten by the of the Himalayas(Nepal) people.

The chews are very hard so they are a very long-lasting chew for your dog. Dogs must work the end of the chew for hours, softening it with their teeth and mouths before small parts of it can be slowly scraped off.

To make Himalayan Dog Chews farmers in Nepal milk by hand about 2 to 5 cows and yaks every day to collect roughly six gallons of milk to make two pounds of Himalayan Dog Chews.

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  • 1 chew 2.3 ounces, no exp. date

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