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Equi-Tinic vitamin mineral supplement - Gallon liquid

Equi-Tinic vitamin mineral supplement - Gallon liquid
Equi-tinic liquid - Generic Lixotinic vitamin-mineral supplement -Sale Price 54.90/gallon
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Equi-tinic Liquid - Generic of Lixotinic (Pfizer)  
Feeding directions for puppies and dogs is 1 teaspoon per 10lbs of bodywieght daily 

Equi-tinic is corn syrup based with honey and apple flavoring. Guaranteed analysis of Equi-tinic per 1 ounce daily serving is: Ferrous Sulfate)Iron- 500mg, Niacin-100mg., Vitamin B1- 50mg, Copper sulfate - 25mg., Vitamin B6 - 15mg., Vitamin B2 - 12 mg., d-Calcium pantothenate - 10 mg., Cobalt - 5 mg., Folic Acid -30 mcg., and Vitamin B12 - 25 mcg.



  • Gallon liquid

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