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LymeVax - 10ml vial/10 dose

LymeVax - 10ml vial/10 dose
LymeVax - Zoetis - 10 dose - Sale Price 179.90/10 dose,10 ml vial
Item #: ZTZ9905
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LymeVax (Zoetis) 10ml (10 dose vial). LymeVax is a killed virus vaccine. LymeVax is for protection against Borrelia burgdorferi or Lyme disease. LymeVax is for dogs 9 weeks of age or older.

DVM Cost is $213.00

For Dogs give 1 ml Subq. Repeat in 2-3 weeks and once annually.

Horses not on the label, however many veternarians recommend one 2ml dose

Syringes and needles sold separately.



  • 10ml (10 dose vial)
  • exp. date 09-13-20

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