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Dyne - 32oz. Liquid

Dyne - 32oz. Liquid
Dyne 32 ounce - Sale Price 19.90 each
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Dyne(PetAg) 32 ounce liquid high calorie liquid supplement provides your dog or puppies with maximum calories in a minimum volume.

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Dyne provides 150 calories per ounce, plus proteins and vitamins. As a supplement to other foods, it aids in weight gain or to help stressful conditions.

Dyne also provides extra energy and increases stamina for peak performance for hunting or working dogs, aids in nutrition for pregnant and lactating bitches, provides extra nutrition for puppies and helps speed recovery from illness. With the vanilla taste it can be top dressed, given with an oral feeding syringe, or mixed with water to help combat dehydration.



  • 32 ounce liquid
  • no exp. date

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