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Adams Pene-Mite - 1/2oz. bottle

Adams Pene-Mite - 1/2oz. bottle
Ear Mite Treatment is for the treatment of ear mites in dogs and cats - Sale Price 6.99
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Ear Mite Treatment(Adams/Farnam) is for the treatment of ear mites in dogs and cats. Kills Ear Mites on contact

Ear mites normally cause a dry, dark brown waxy exudate with crusts in the ears of pets. You can easily observe mites by placing some of the earwax on a dark surface and watch closely for white specks to move. Inflamed, watery or blocked ear canals indicate a more serious problem and requires special treatment.

Directions: Fill outer ear canal half full with Ear Mite treatment and massage base of ear to distribute solution into earwax. Repeat every day until condition has improved within 4 to 6 days and continue treatment for 12 days. Do not use on dogs, cats  less than 12 weeks old. 


  • 1/2oz eye dropper bottle, no exp. date

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